camp is over...

here are a few pics from soccer camp yesterday. o has this new thing where whenever he hears a plane, he has to have my sunglasses. then he looks up at the sky and says, "star wars, ma. star wars!"mich got an award, a medal, and a few souvenirs. i think he had fun, but some of the other boys were just plain snotty. mich tried so hard to talk and joke with two of the boys, but they wouldn't even look at him. i could tell mich thought they were 'the cool kids', but i could also tell the boys were completely stuck on themselves. it made me feel bad b/c he tried so hard to play with them. snots. i hate kids like that.

i have to give mich credit though. he went to this camp and didn't know anybody and had a good time (i think). i could tell he felt a little left out but i didn't say anything to him about any of it for fear he'd get all defensive or overly emotional. i kept telling him that he was there to learn a few new tricks and to play hard b/c the next time he'd see any of these kids, it would be on the field a while from now...and where he'd need to kick their butts in a real game.

i completed the second quote for Alisa's ATCs.

this one was for a question about the craziest spill your kids or you have had. the first card is my fave.

i have one more to do and i hope to finish it off monday, along with a RAK that i have yet to mail out (sorry!!!) it's been some week! well, two weeks. or week and a half. not sure. too long and i'm sorry. i'm not real big on getting to the p.o., especially when i have owen which is just about all of the time when the p.o. is actually open.

so, that's all for today. have a super saturday!

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3 paper addicts say...:

Terri said...

Oh lord thank you! finally some ATC ideas that I could finally try. I have wanted to try that genre for months but am so intimadated by the little suckers!

Houston said...

Ah the stuck up kids, such a sorry thing that happens, I always worry about my ds when I see him sort of on the fringe... I hurt/get angry for him. He doesn't seem to care. We've gone through this at our pool for the past two years, but I think this year will be different some of the older kids are too old for the pool and some younger ones are coming in, the dynamic is changing... he's bonding more with the group that's been there since they were babies, etc... sorry to ramble, what you said just struck a cord with me. Hope you're doing well, I want to see another one of your video tutorials soon :)

Close To Home said...

read your above posts but wanted to stop here and say, one, i hope you can get your list completed quickly, and two...those atc's are probably the loveliest i've ever seen!