paper, imposter delis and flamin' hot snacks

i did these in my new scrap area. they're a little different for me. i guess the colors. maybe my new space has something to do with it. i dunno.

getting prepped for a weekend ALONE! i do have to work here and there, but the boys are all going camping. mike asked me what i'm going to do all weekend and i said, "i don't know. have fun?" :)) maybe i'll catch a movie. hang out with the aimsters and bees.

i do know that our deli is opening in the new plaza tomorrow and, instead of sookie, aimee and i are going to go to the VIP party. aren't we special? i am a little disappointed, though, b/c i thought they were going to have a real salad bar. they only have pre-made salads. and i'm not too keen on them using the word deli at all in the first place...

no such things exist outside of ny, except for the one just outside of the presidio in monterey, ca. but i'm fairly certain those peeps were italians in some way, shape or form. and if real delis do exist outside of the tri-state area (ny, nj, ct), someone please fill me in b/c i'm dying to get a real roast beef sandwich.

later peeps! off to get a shower. i ran extra today so i could eat a bag of flamin' hot munchies. that's all i ate today except for my oatmeal. i'm so healthy it's disgusting.

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4 paper addicts say...:

Cassi said...

we've got a real deli here in NoVA, but that's pretty far from TX. i feel the same way about pizza, it's not pizza unless it's from ny. finally one decent pizza place has opened and it happens to be in our town! good luck with your "deli" pursuits.

walesk said...

ohhhh Im so jealous ;) enjoy your peace and quiet!!

Angela W said...

Great pages, love the colors! Have an awesome, creative weekend! Thanks for replying on my post, I also hope we all get well soon!

meganklauer said...

These are great! That top one...WOW...love, love, love!