layouts and decisions...

a few layouts to share. i made these with some SC kits. the 1st is with the new playground kit--my absolute favorite ever from SC. yum!

the second is using the garment district kit. honestly, i really thought i'd never use that sewing looking paper, but when i ran across this wacky pic from my high school years, i figured the theme was fitting. and the outfit is not. whew! what the heck was i thinking???

anywho, i have a really big decision to make, one that will affect basically everything about the way we live right now. i was offered a full-time positiong at work with a nice raise and all the medical and dental benefits full-timers get. but it's overnight. ick. i would have to re-adjust everything. and i mean EVERYTHING. i have no clue about how to do things working nights. i guess i need to always be up during those hours when i actually have off, too. so, that means a lot of hanging around by myself at 2am or something like that.

as for the kiddoes, for now i'd have to sleep when owen naps. and when school is out, i'd certainly need help. it's too good an offer to pass up, but it means a lot of changes for this nelson house. even working full-time days would be a big adjustment. this is even bigger.

so....i'm still thinking. hoping that someone will tell me one way or the other what to do. and it doesn't have to be forever. the medical and dental are HUGE. and would save us a ton right there. that, added with the fact that i'd be making a little more than twice what i make now...well, it's a big deal.

anywho, be sure to check the previous post for your chance to win a little RAK-age from yours truly. and hope you're having a marvelous monday!

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5 paper addicts say...:

ann-marie said...

I love all the details on your fun layouts!!
good luck with your decision, that's a tough one!!

Karen said...

Good luck with your decision...congrats on the offer!

Houston said...

Wow, that's a hard decision to make... but a real compliment to even get the offer! Wishing you all the best in whatever you decide!

casey boyd said...

Great layouts...Makes me want to break out that kit!

Kimber-Leigh said...

that is a big decision to make...congrats on the offer whatever you decide :)