Friday 5 & lots o' pics

5 little things about me today:
  1. my back is jacked. i don't even know what i did to it.
  2. speaking of jack, i'm going to miss LOST.
  3. my favorite color is green, but everything in my house is red. why is that?
  4. i'm going to make a salad for lunch and have a ham and swiss sandwich without the bread. (bread is too many points.)
  5. i'm wearing pants today that i wore when i first met mike, back in 2000. woo hoooo!
here's a few pics from today as it is so far:

i love these little boys. so dramatic, so wild, so passionate and stubborn...so much like their momma but completely different from one another. maybe i'm a touch bi-polar? i have no idea.
these little red doobers...
are going in this here bookcase somewhere in my scrap room.
see what i mean about the red? it was on the table from last night's dinner and it was looking at me like it wanted me to take its picture...
i'm working on this little deal. i don't know why. a travel journal of sorts? except that i don't travel anywhere. i'll put it up on etsy and someone who tours bingo halls can buy it. that actually sounds like it would be a fun thing to do. huh.
i think the friday 5 is going to be a thing from now on. i like it better than the friday fill-in. i think i did that once. too difficult. so, i tag 5 people to do the friday 5 with me...some old friends and one new peep listed here in no particular order (except for Denise--i'm going to stalk her now instead of my LOST--but only on wednesdays).
greta b.
kelly (in australia)

so now you gals have to do the same. and if you're reading this and i didn't tag you, do it anyway and tag 5 of your peeps...it's fun.

and i also have this to share, speaking of Denise. she sent me this fab-o-licious card. thank you, chick. i love it! you could have sent me a font of your hand-writing too though. cuz i really love it. ;)
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12 paper addicts say...:

Houston said...

Oooh, now I totally want to tour bingo halls, seriously sounds like a fun quirky thing to do, like if you met someone at the gas station and they said "I see your not from around here." you could say back "No sir, I'm here to visit the local bingo hall." then the man would tell you all about how his mother won the state tourney back in 1952, and it would make his whole day because no else ever wants to listen to his stories (beacuse they have heard them all before) and then you could pull out your cute little travel journal and jot it all down. When you finally arrived home you could package it all up in one neat little bundle of Americana and make millions selling it at B&N... geesh see where my mind goes! Hope you had a lovely Friday and congrats on the pants!

Karen said...

I like Friday 5. How fun! I used to do Friday fill ins too and they were just blah! Have a great weekend...hope your back feels better!

lauren said...

Loving your friday five and way huge congrats on the fitting into the pants. I never did lose any weight... in fact, I gained. SIgh,

aimee said...

can i do it saturday?

:: gingerkitty :: said...

feel better

vtpuggirl said...

You crack me up! Hope your back improves, back pain is the worst I think. LOL about the bingo hall touring scrapbook shopper, they say there is a buyer for everything so. :)

Kelly said...

I love your Friday Five - I'll have to catch up next week - coz my Friday has been and gone.

Also congrats on the Sassafras win xxx

aimee said...

ok...fine i did it :P

Greta said...

I suck...I'm only days late seeing this. I'll add this to my list. ;)

Denise said...

LOL! I'm a week late, but it is a Friday. Heading over to do my five. I'm boring though, so can I make things up? LOL!

I do have a bingo related thing for my five though. LOL!

Denise said...

LOL! OK...you can stalk me on Wednesday. Be warned though. that is the day I wander around in my birthday suit. LOL!

Glad you like the card. Sorry it was late. :o)

My verification work is snotso. Made me snort.

Lyn said...

that album is fab! love it!
yes, i am a true blood and twilight lover... all things vampire make me smile. :)
have a great week!