ribs and car trouble...

ugh. the VW is on the fritz. have to take it in tomorrow morning to have a look-see. hopefully nothing too major (too expensive).

in other news, i'm making bbq ribs for dinner--YUM!!! they were super tasty and way easy the last time i made them. i've held off on making them a second time b/c i don't want the natives here to get sick of them.

i did a layout today for the current BASB challenge. and it was challenging. i'm not a stamper, but with aimee's help (she was here for moral support), i pulled together this and i'm very happy with the result. in fact, it's the first lo i've done in a while and it is quickly becoming a new fave!

that's about it for now. maybe i'll get to scrap some more later, cuz my little 6x12 above really turned on the mojo for me.


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aimee said...

i just need the mojo now! ugh :(