etsy day

aimee was here again today, taking care of me. what a gem. we watched eagle eye. good movie. kinda creepy. and i can't figure out if what's his name is cute or not. very boyish and very drooly...and i know drool these days.

i'm feeling better, a bit. today my stomach was upset though. not sure why. probably b/c i'm flippin' STARVING!!! seriously. i am soooo hungry. cream of wheat, jello, pudding and the like is just not cutting it for me. yes, i did have pizza yesterday. but that was more like torture--little teeny nibbles of all that yummy sauce and cheese? well now that's just a tease. i've been eating shrimp today. tasty, but not at all filling.

the boys have a soccer game tonight and i'm here with crabby owen. i was going to go b/c i miss most of mich's games, but i would have spent it chasing owen around...so we stayed home.

i have this to share:

it's in my etsy store. i'm selling it to, well whomever wants to buy it! it's cute. i love the title. i did one similar a while back, but that was a little more intricate. i figured i had to keep this one simple b/c i have to have 2 of everything i put in it (for the example, you see). anywho, also in my etsy shop i have BAKERS TWINE. blue, green, red...PLEASE go buy some! i know people want it and mine is fairly cheap!!! brown is on the way too.

anyway, that's about all for today. chat later!

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