donations and my momma rocks....

i made this for a silent auction at work. i hope it draws some cash. i also put in one of my previous ew to new projects and the apron i made a few posts back. sorry for the blurry first pic.
it's very similar to the one i made for my home; i had a hard time trying anything different in the amount of time i had to make it. but i like it. i hope it draws some cash for those people who lost their homes.
and now on to my Mom!
i told her about the aprons and she's just been making them like crazy!
here's one of them:and check out those Collier's encyclopedias on the right, eh? mom, do you still get the yearbook for those?

and then this is the award she received for creating the logo for the Senior Games they had out where she lives, a 5 county-wide event. she also received a $100 gift card!
what a gal! love you momma!

hmmmmm....now i'm trying to figure out what to do with the last 2 hours before i have to get mich from school.


ETA: people, i have twine in my etsy shop. please buy it! right now i only have one set in stock, but all i have to do is wrap some more around those little wooden spoons and it's yours! convo me if you want some and it's sold out. i will GLADLY list more!

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4 paper addicts say...:

Greta said...

WOW! That canvas is beyond stunning. I hope whoever ends up getting it bids a fair price (plus some). Amazing work Liz!

And congrats to your mom! :)

Anonymous said...

so fabulous!!!!

vtpuggirl said...

Love that you made the canvas to give to the auction, such a great cause for art! Beautiful! And I totally feel like a scrap like a little old lady, and I'm too young to do that!

jenjen said...

That canvas is so amazing. You are a talented lady! And the apron is so cute!