been a while...sorry for all the pics...

i scrapbooked today! i made etsy stuff (in the left sidebar), too!

Owen and i even went for a walk. he had to bring along his hot cheetos. here is is pointing at a boog (bug).

it's a beautiful day here today; a little windy, but beautiful just the same. it's kite flyin' weather, but our good kite (that Mike and i bought during a visit to a toy store in Waynesville, NC--i think) bit the dust a few years back. it was a good kite and we just haven't found one good enough to replace it. of course, when your oldest son makes you buy spongebob and spiderman kites, you know they're not going to fly very well.

there's a new challenge up at both SYC and BASB...so be sure to check those out. they're both awesome challenges! wait 'til you see Greta A.'s and Greta B.'s projects. (i never thought i'd have 2 friends named Greta.) oh, and be sure to check out the prize for the BASB challenge...YOU WILL REALLY WANT TO JOIN IN ON THIS ONE!!! i repeat, you will really REALLY want to play along this time around!

c u later! have a good one!

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10 paper addicts say...:

Karen said...

The creative juices are flowing for you....off to check out the challenges.


Anilu Magloire said...

Whoa!!! Those pages are in-sane!!!

aimee said...

once again...love the layouts. and little man is so freakin cute. i'll be by after school. i hope i don't forget your stuff!

jenjen said...

Hi Karen! Cute, cute pictures! Every time I come over here you have changed your layout. You are too creative!

Good luck with the kite purchase. You wouldn't believe how windy it is here today!

Have a good day!


Denise said...

Even funnier is that their last name's begin with A and B. It almost seems that there should be a Greta C. out there waiting to be a friend. LOL!

As always, your layouts are gorgeous. I have never seen you do a bad one.

I cannot wait for the weather to warm up here so I can go look for boogs.

Anne aka Anniescraps said...

Boogs and kite flying weather, plus hot cheetos... Life is GOOD. Owen is a cutie patootie :-)
Love the layouts, especially love your sign from your previous post. All mom should have that one.

Greta Adams said...

hahaha greta a and greta b and guess what? there is a greta c too that is a scrapper....hehehehe

your pages are off the chart..love it...love all the white

dawn said...

Love the pages! You ROCK girl!! :-)

Greta said...

Oooh - what a way to start the morning, looking at your bright fabulous layouts and photos. I'm especially loving that first one. It just makes me smile.

I was suprised to come across other Greta's in the scrap world too because I only know of a few Greta's otherwise. There is really a Greta C? Crazy! There's a Greta H, so maybe we should see if there are any D, E, F, and Gs. lol.

Anonymous said...

love your new pages! and you've totally got me wanting to fly a kite now :)