crafty mommy and the dirt devil...

my mom sent me some pics of some aprons she's been sewing. this one is my fave:

really, the easter one is but that picture is really blurry. she's such a cute little momma.

i bought a new vacuum cleaner the other day. it sucks. well, it does suck, but the rest of it sucks too...like the design of it. awkward and SUPER HEAVY!!! i have to lift it up to get it on our rug in the living room b/c the bottom part doesn't lift up when you bend the handle back. all the gadgets were falling off as i was vacuuming. owen was laughing. then after 5 minutes of not picking anything up, i realized that the hose came undone and was just flapping around. i really thought we were farther along with that sort of technology. and i'm not at all for bagless. if i wanted to touch all the dirt and grime that was on the floor, i'd just not vacuum...right?

the good news: the boys loved the box:

the practice jerseys are done. finally. all 10 of them. took me 6.5 hours total. but, it only cost $12 as opposed to about $70 plus s&h. i'd say that's worth it.

'research' project is on tap tonight for my 1st grader. that should be interesting. he doesn't like to do homework for more than 10 minutes, so we'll see how all that goes.

tomorrow is gym, crafting, and owen to doc for his 2 year. the messy house can kiss my butt. i vacuumed for an hour; although it wasn't a full hour of actual vacuuming, isn't that enough?

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7 paper addicts say...:

aimee said...

my messy house can kiss my butt too! although i really don't have a reason not to clean it ;)

aimee said...

oh those headbands won't work. her head is shaped funny like mine. heehee

jenjen said...

Speaking of vacuuming.... I really should get up and get something done.
Your blog looks great. Every time I come over here it looks different!

Have a great day!


laverneboese said...

hahahaha! your vacuum and mine must be related! I sold my left kidney to purchase my Dyson and the stupid thing totally sucks...i mean everything it touches, including the bathroom rugs, just totally eats them. And it weighs as much as a baby elephant. it has this long elastic hose thingy that's supposed to allow you to reach "hard to reach" areas, without dragging the 50 ton vacuum around. Well let me tell you, if you make the mistake of going just a little too far from the base, the vacuum cleaner sling shots towards you and slams into you while you're holding the stupid hose and attachment. i hate my vacuum cleaner.

Anonymous said...

first time at your blog! love your posts.

have a good day,

Anilu Magloire said...

Why, oh why can't they make a vacuum that actually works???? I hate mine too.

Ki said...

Ooooh lovin the apron! why is it that kids love to play in boxes? forget the toys, just get a bunch of boxes!! great job on the practice jerseys !!