1 year ago...

and today...

Stephanie over at SC had a post about pics from today vs. a year ago. so, how simple is that? blogging certainly is good in the arena of comparison and archiving, no?

today, well, mich is at school and i just now saw this. so here we have little mr. owen one year ago today (well, actually tomorrow). i could just eat that face. or pinch it to pieces.

and here's the little goober just a few minutes ago. oh, all that long blond hair is long gone. he was supposed to be my little girl. and he's just a cute ol' stinky boy.

i will post some of michael either this weekend or monday. i'll take a pic today when he gets home from school.

ooh, and while digging around in my old posts, i realize that i've been at my 'new' location polkadothouse.blogspot.com...for one whole year! just a few days ago. i think that deserves some kind of RAK. but i certainly won't get to that sort of thing until monday. so be sure to keep checking back!

i've actually been scrappin' today, but i have nothing completed yet, so nothing to show for it.

oh, and if you haven't stopped over at BASB and participated in my challenge yet, please do so! we haven't had many people yet and there's only a few days left! it's a really good prize! and have you seen what Denise and Dawn have added to the challenge? if not, you're missing out on some really cool ideas.

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7 paper addicts say...:

Angela W said...

Very cute pics! I was going through pics last night to do a post on this also! I want to do some scrapping but I'm stuck! I will get to it though! Can't wait for your giveaway!

mom2ee said...

love the difference in a year...can't wait to see your creations

dawn said...

I may have to look back a year too. Wow, how things change! What a cutie your son is! :-)

jenjen said...

Cue post. And very cute pictures! Congratulations on your one year date. I am glad I found your blog!

Have a great night!


stephanie howell said...

he's so stinkin' cute.
can you come visit me again soon?
thank you and goodbye.

Susan Beth said...

He is a cutie!

Kristii said...

What a cutie for sure!! A year makes such a difference!!! Gonna have to check out BASB!!! Have a great day!!