when you can't find one at the store...

make one!

it really wasn't all that hard. i mean, it's not the greatest, but it will work. the hat is kind of jacked, but it's the best i could do and it's not like he'll even let me put it on his head!

the little bag was quite fun to make and i'm thinking of making something like it for my ipod. i really need one with the velcro arm strap...those things are like $40!!! and what for? i could make it at home with some really cute fabric, right?

anywho, mich is home sick today. he has a sore throat. he and owen are watching the incredibles (owen's pick) on michael's bed and snacking on cookie crisp without the milk. too cute.

found these plates and i want them...bad... yes, both sets. they'll coordinate nicely.

that's all for today. have to make up a design for a friend's business cards, clean up, put LAUNDRY AWAY!!! no soccer since mich stayed home. i'd like to get some more done on the basb forum so it will match the way cool blog, but working on that forum stuff is a real time killer. i might have to save that for last.

have a great day!

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7 paper addicts say...:

Susan Beth said...

Way cool costume! Hope you get that laundry put away, but when you're done could you come put mine away? It's been waiting for three days! Enjoy a quiet day, and I hope you get to that forum work.

toots said...

I would love those plates too good choice...Where are they from??

Denise said...

Liz, I am sorry Mich is sick. Poor kid. Good thing he has Owen to help him through. Cookie Crisp cures everything I hear. :o)

Awesome costume! You have amazing skills. I'll wear the hat, if you won't. :o)

Thank you again for your work on the BASB. You have gone above and beyond for all of us. I don't think we can thank you enough...ever.

Denise said...

I meant to say I will wear that hat, if HE won't.

The older I get...the worse my thought process and typing gets. UGH.

mommy2alex said...

What a great costume, it looks better than any store-bought one!!
Hope your little man is feeling better quickly - movies with brother and cookie crisp is perfect medicine:)

Amy Adams (aka Scrapitgal) said...

I want that dishware too - matches my kitchen and dining area perfectly!!! Sorry you have a sicky - hope he feels better soon.

dawn said...

LOVE the costume, LOVE the dishes, and really LOVE all that you are doing for the BASB! It ROCKS! WE ROCK!! :-)