this is what i've been doing for most of the afternoon. i'm sooo not a reader. i have this strange habit of falling asleep after sitting comfortably in one spot for 30 seconds. seriously. but, with all the hype, this book called to me from across the aisle at wally world this morning and it's $8.88 price tag couldn't have tempted me more with all the numbers eights that have been swirling around the past few weeks.

speaking of which...michael, owen and i watched this last night. mike had subbuteo, but i sent him a text to let him know when it was on. this kind of thing hasn't happened yet in my lifetime, so i imagine it will be a while before it happens again. holy cow...completely amazing. then i told michael to sit and watch the 100M dash with me, but he wasn't impressed with that race. he said they didn't even look like they were running that fast. whatever, michael. i couldn't believe that either. but, as exciting as it was, after the race the man was rather full of himself and that made it less impressive.

now, on to my saturday class at Crop, Paper, Scissors in Waco taught by miss Stephanie H. how super fun! i got to meet her and two other ladies from the boards at SC. Alisa and Jacquie. First off, i got to eat lunch with Alisa and she drove...which meant i got to ride in the hot ass corvette she was sporting. that thing was loud and like riding in a tank or something! it was crazy...and super fun!

then, when we returned, Jacquie and Stephanie were there. and we started class. Stephanie was a fun teacher and the mini was gorgeous (even though i have yet to finish it...but i've been reading most of the day so...i will get to it. plus, i really need better pics to put in it.)

and then the cupcakes. well, they were just plain yummy! i had two, of course. hey, it's the weekend. anyway, it was so nice to meet them and i really had a fun time. i felt nervous at first, but after chatting a bit, it wasn't any different than talking to them on the message boards. just genuinely kind people and so, so much fun to be around. hopefully, next time, we can visit longer and get some scrappin' done!

anyway, that's about all. i don't know what tomorrow holds for us; michael is at his grandma's for tonight and owen, well, he's owen. maybe i'll finish my book. i'm more than half way through already, which is a huge surprise to me! it's very, very hard to put down! i cannot wait for the movie. i am hoping it will match the vivid pictures already created in my mind. it will be a first for me--reading a book before watching the movie. heck, it's the first time in a long time i've actually even read any kind of fiction book.

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12 paper addicts say...:

Rita said...

Lucky you getting to attend Stephanie's class! Can't wait to see your finished mini! I might have to check out the Twilight series with all the hype too!

ricanlaw said...

Thanks for posting and chatting about your experience on Saturday. I love, love the photos. You are so beautiful. One day...oh well, I'm hoping another opportunity presents itself in which I can go and meet you and bring that lovely gal Aimee with you. ;)

stephanie howell said...

I had SO MUCH FUN with you. You are darling and funny...and I just know we'd be friends if we lived closer. I loved you guys!
and um...why does MY HEAD look square in that picture. HMM??? meeehhhh

aimee said...

those books are everywhere! jenn has the trailer posted on her blog. i showed it to ken and he wants to read the books now. the movie looks good so maybe i should try too.

glad you had fun sat! i finally joined sc chat. ken said i can start getting the kits next month! whoo hoo!
weigh in tomorrow! yuck!!!

walesk said...

I'm not a reader either but I LOVED twilight! so glad you girls had fun!! :)

Denise said...

it is your weekend of Stephanies - the author and the scrap artist. The book is good and I had a hard time putting it down, too. I am thrilled that you had such a great time at Steph's class. I may just have to come next time. Now that would be a little weird coming all the way from MN for a class, don't ou think? LOL!

Sharie said...

Happy reading. It looks like you had a really wonderful time meeting the SC girls and taking the class. Enjoy your week!

neebucket said...

Hey Karen! Those books are hard to put down. I have read twilight, new moon and I have started on eclipse. It only took me 6 days to read the first 2 books. Anyways you don't have to buy the next 2 if you want to borrow mine. The boys have gotten so Big. Can't believe Michael will start 1st grade next week? Love what you have done to your blog.. Renee'

dawn said...

I too have been reading the Twilight series. There sure has been a lot of hype about it! I really do not know what I think about it so far.?? I hope the movie is not a let down. Looks like you had a lot of fun with Stephanie and Co. :-)

:: gingerkitty :: said...

love it all thanks for sharing..

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Greta Adams said...

ackkkkkkk u suck getting to meet steph! can't wait to see your finished mini!!!

Regan said...

I bought that book and finihsed it in like 6 hours-could not put it down- just bought the second--oooooh the movie-hope it lives up to the book!