SYC, book #3...

yeah, i know i said i would wait about the book. but that's not possible. however, i did have to get a hardcover for eclipse, and i'm not liking that. i like to bend the book back. i also had to invest in a pair of these:

oy. really, i'm not getting old...i just can't see. i did have glasses in my early korean learning days b/c i could never read the teeny-tiny print in the dictionary. that, coupled with the flourescent lights in the classrooms...headache central.

and NO...that's not gray. it's been really hot here this summer and i've been outside a lot. plus, i had let my hair air-dry yesterday and it always feels/looks yucky when i do that. really. it's not. you'll know. i won't blog for like a month. i'm surprised i'm even blogging today, given the situation in the above picture.

anywho, SYC this week is Punch You Out! use at least 3 punches on your layout!!! Please won't you join us? we all know how much everyone loves punches, so this one really won't be like using your crap, unless you dig out the baby feet and soccer ball punches...

have a good day! haircuts and a few more new shirts for mich...cool ones, not wally-mart. not that they're not great shirts, but he has to have something that's not discount store, right?

ETA: i had to throw this in when i found it just now on my paypal account. i had a bunch of troubles last week with someone getting a hold of our info. everything worked out ok and paypal came through, but seriously...one of the unauthorized users had the email address
ouchy_dathurts@hotmail.com ...how completely ridiculously shitty is that?

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10 paper addicts say...:

Mindy said...

I love your LO for SYC it's so cute! Hoping to join in one that one too but no scrappin' for me for over a week! Now sick baby and my three year olds are couped up in the house cause of rain -- bring on preschool next week!

Susan Beth said...

Great layout! Wonderful glasses! Looks so stylish! Hair looks good, and not grey. And Thank You God that the paypal thing worked out! And I agree, every child needs a nice shirt that didn't come from Wally World! Just because!

Anonymous said...

well let's add this PayPal thief to our list of people who need a good kick in the balls, OK? :)

Rita said...

Awesome LO! Love the new glasses! I still have back to school shopping to tackle...hopefully this weekend. Glad your Paypal issue is resolved...what is wrong with people?

Lyn said...

love your glasses and the layout is fab... you will love eclipse, i think it's my favorite of the 4 books! team edward!

Kelly said...

Love your glasses! I think you look gorgeous!!
Awesome layout.

Enjoy your book ;o)

Greta Adams said...

that layout is bangin hot girl...
love all the circles at the top...
and those glasses are quite hot if i say so myself...i am 4 eyes as well....and i am not old...hmph!

ouch dat hurt...bwhahahahahahahahahaha i am sorry but that was funny
and you are something else for not waiting...LOL i am itching myself but i have to get the book from e and i haven't seen her

elizabeth said...

umm...you bend the cover of your book back so it ruins the spine?

{big gasp!!!}

oh the horrah.


that should be a crime.
i'm not kidding.
ask greta how i feel about that. i almost didn't want to let her borrow my books b/c i know she doesn't treat them with the same love as i do.

seriously girl...stop doing that :)

love, the glasses chick. and don't rush on those books b/c breaking dawn is the biggest disappointment. i still haven't finished it. and i'm forcing myself to just get thru it.

ps...love the lo as well :)

elizabeth said...

pps...don't get me started on dog earring the pages....AAAAACCCCK!

Lisa said...

I told you that you couldn't take a break! Breaking Dawn wasn't a disappointment it just took longer to read there were too many characters to keep up with, but I enjoyed all 750 pages!