see how silly?

it is raining today and it made me think of how my sister, who lives in NC, purchased a rain barrel. i thought it would be a neat idea to do this, but then i got to thinking, by the time i go out and buy one it will be three months before it rains again. then i thought about a news article i read a while back about droughts and water restrictions.

some counties in NC had put in place severe restrictions on water usage when they had their droughts a few months back (they still might be having them, i'm not sure). anyway, so people were not legally allowed to water their lawns to cut back on consumption since the water supply was getting low.

the citizens followed the law and then guess what happened? the water supply wasn't being used enough, resulting in decreased tax revenues and thus, they raised the rates. silly citizens trying to abide by the law. what were you thinking?

see what you get for being good? the government never does with less, so why should you?

raise your hands if you want bigger government? just a thought for you on this beautiful, rainy day.

after i finish typing, i'll be sitting on my hands.

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4 paper addicts say...:

Denise said...

Sitting on my hands in agreement. :o) You crack me up! LOL!

vtpuggirl said...

LOL, so true. :)

Dana said...

Hello Karen! So happy that we are going to be working together on SYC.. great photo on the bio by the way! Happy Tuesday.. Dana

Anonymous said...

uh, yeah. the logic is astounding. Here we are not allowed to collect water - some crazy water rights thing.