quick update...

been busy today, doing not so much. just wanted to say hi to my peeps. 'hi!'

we had a great weekend. bought our flag as shown in post before last. spent saturday piddling around. went on boat with mike, mich, mike's dad and david who is about to leave for iraq. he's a pilot in the US Marines. so...i took owen out for a few hours. i swear that's the only time that kid will sit and relax is on that boat. i know he's little, but he did have a life jacket and he sat on the floor for almost the entire time. i was hesitant, but i'm not as nervous about it now. went to lake weatherford. mike and david wakeboarded.

i did not attempt to water ski again; i want to be able to actually use my gym membership before it expires. michael went tubing with me, david and mike. then i went tubing by myself while kneeling and my dear sweet hubby tried to kill me. but it was a load of fun. i know he really enjoyed seeing me flying all around the lake, hanging on for dear life.

i guess that is all for now. mich is at a camping bday party tonight. i guess his bday party plans will be set upon his return; i know he is having a total blast. he wanted to bring his indiana jones flashlight, but since it's a cereal box order special, we cannot get a replacement if it breaks. he settled on a glow in the dark pirates one. (does a flashlight really need to glow in the dark?)

anywho, best of luck to david...he will be flying to iraq in his own plane, soaring above the skies protecting his brother who is on the ground over there. please keep the two of them and all of the others in your prayers.

hopefully some pics tomorrow, even though i did not take a single one this weekend.

oh, i won the blinkie contest here. she didn't post a link to me, so i just wanted to share. cuz i'm like that: conceited and generous. weird combo.

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3 paper addicts say...:

Kristii said...

Congrats on winning the blinkie contest! way cute!!

Susan Beth said...

We used to take our infant and toddler son on Lake Tahoe in a ski boat all the time - have the cutest photos of him all bundled up in the life vests. Made me a bit nervous at the time, but he loved it - fell asleep most of the time. Now, at 8 he loves to drive the boat. That's boys for you!

vtpuggirl said...

Congrats on the blinkie, super cool one! Looking forward to pics!