not much...

a little something for the 4th coming up...could you pass the US Citizenship test? I'm not sure if this is all of it (surely it can't be)...it's not easy to become a real US Citizen. 'nother story, 'nother day.

anyway, just check it out here. something fun for you today. not much going on. entered a blinkie contest...thanks aimee for pointing this out to me.

michael was up and dressed by 9am and then got mad b/c the mail wasn't here yet. i don't know what he's waiting for. he already got his Kellogg's Indiana Jones flashlight (which took like an entire month!) The canteen will surely not be here anytime soon. i know that's what he's waiting for.

maybe more later.

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1 paper addicts say...:

Aimee said...

your gonna win. i can feel it. i love the butterfly!