good day and etsy items

well, so much for going to ft. worth to watch fireworks. we drove all the way out there and couldn't find anywhere to park. so, we came home...AND WATCHED THEM IN OUR BACKYARD!!! doy...to the east (our backyard) is outside city limits, so there were tons!

outside at about 8:20. a few here and there. by 9:15 we were viewing about 10 different fireworks shows happening along the entire span of our backyard. some very far, others very close (our neighbors--they only had a few since they're not supposed to have any being inside the city limits--but they were super good and right over our heads!) it was a gorgeous night. luckily, we don't have any mosquitoes (don't know why but i'm not complaining) so we were able to just sit and relax...and chase owen all over the place. it was much more 'relaxing' after he went to bed. no pics...terrible at taking fireworks pics. did get a vid, but not sure that it came out well.

anyway, wonderful and relaxing day. we did get our flag. went to lowes'. perfect:

and before we went out and about today, i finally took a bit to create some new items for my etsy. here are two of my faves:

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4 paper addicts say...:

dawn said...

Your new flag looks FAB on your new house. Our local fireworks were actually on the 3rd (we were bummed that we missed out!) They were changed due expected weather. It has rained everyday. Well it did not rain on the 4th, so we went to some in a nearby town. YAY! Love your new etsy items. They are very cute! :-)

Anonymous said...

Too awesome that you could see the fireworks from your backyard!! You'll have to keep that in mind next year. LOL. Love the flag. Ok, no more talk of Texas. I can't wait to see my family (in southeast Texas) in a few weeks.

Aimee said...

the flag looks great!
and did you make those butterflies JUST FOR ME, that was so sweet of you to think of me. jk

on the dot creations said...

Just found your blog today while doing an Internet search for polka dots. You have such a lovely blog and a cute Etsy shop!