great weekend!

we had such a great time at our little 'scrapbook getaway'. the house was amazing...right on the water. and the owners NEVER even stay there. crazy. gorgeous home and certainly not what one would think of when they hear 'lake house'.

anywho, didn't get too many pics so maybe check here to see what my friend posts. she got way more than i did.

here is one of the view from the back of the house. the only thing was the wind!!! holy cow! it was super-duper windy and it was really pretty crazy. non-stop, heavy winds. the whole weekend.

this is my favorite layout from this weekend. and i think my first ever layout of owen? poor kid. maybe not. i might have done a few before.

i have quite a few more to post, but for now i'm going to post the challenge layouts i did.

these are for the SYC challenge. you had to use up old letter stickers. and boy, did i use up some old letter stickers! (i still have more though.) it sure felt good to peel those puppies off and actually use them. i think i saw the idea for the 'background' letters in ck or sbook etc. can't remember.
this last one is for the Summer Lovin' Challenge at Noel Mignon Scrapbooks.
i really want to try to figure out the text on my posts. it gets all ganked when i add photos. i 've had a bit of a response to this and might have to enlist some hubby help. gotta get to work on that for today as well.

have a good one!

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10 paper addicts say...:

Greta Adams said...

love love love all those sticker layouts...i saw that article too and i loved it!! will be trying my hand at some of those...

glad your weekend was fun!!! looks like you got alot done!! that is always a plus

2H Design said...

LOVe these layouts and I am thinking that this would be a GREAT way to use up various letter stickers!

And what an amazing looking place! Hope ya had a blast!

Aimee Terry said...

ok girl, i put up the pics from the weekend. even your little old lady shot with your shaw! heehee
love ya!


noelmignon said...

wow...what a fun weekend it sounds like you all had! All you LO's are so great! I love that first one too....very sweet feel to it! :)

Mia said...

Sounds like you had a blast this past weekend! Love the new LOs they look amazing!

Aimee Terry said...

jana's back!


Sharie said...

Sounds like a great weekend and the layouts are fun - love all the alphabets. Have a great week!

ricanlaw said...

Liz, I also checked out your friend's blog. Wow, wow, what an amazing get a away you had. I'm so amazed by your layouts and you have flooded the gallery at SC. I need to make some time to see it all and take it all in. You also chose my favorite layout, the one of Owen. Amazing. ;)

Jessi Gribbin said...

Aren't retreats fun! I am so glad y'all had a good time and got so mych done. I'm headed to one in Canton in July so I'm hoping I"m just as productive. I agree, Owen's LO is fabulous!

chelemom said...

Awesome, totally awesome LO's!!!!