just a heads up...

oh, my knee is jacked. don't have a clue what i did to it but i'm gimping around. can't straighten it all the way. whatever. sucks. and it doesn't look like the other one in the knee cap part. hope whatever it is goes away b/c i really, really don't want to deal with va (hey that rhymes).

congrats to david cook. this is going to be a lame post. maybe that's the heads up part to which the title refers. no pics in this one. i'm tired and i honestly can't remember why i was posting in the first place.

ok. three minutes have passed. i remember now. may 28th. does anyone know what significance that day holds? it will be my one year 'blogiversary'!!! now, i actually had a blog before that, like since january 2003 or something, but i never started anything with it until just after owen was born. then about 3 months in, i accidentally goofed everything up and deleted it...so may 28th is what this one (well, my viewfromhome blog) goes back to--they're all one combined blog now, so...

and, the heads up part. i will be giving away a RAK that day. i'm not sure if it's a good one or not (meaning some of these raks people give out are just unbelievable and i couldn't compare simply because i can't afford a really, really good one). that, and i'm a hoarder (which means i usually don't like to share my paper...at all!) but i might be not so greedy and stingy that particular day. so be sure to keep checking back for details on how to win!

i'll have an ew to new post tomorrow (i hope...this one is taking forever as i keep changing my mind).

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2 paper addicts say...:

dawn said...

YAY, for David Cook! It made it all worth while for staying up so late the night before!
YAY for your (soon) blogaversary!
Looking forward to the new 'ew to new.'

ricanlaw said...

I am stingy greegy and just ghetto. Thanks for being such a great pal/sport. Besitos!