friday night scrappin'

michael spent the night at his grandma's. owen went to bed. mike played wii something or other and i sat on the floor and scrapbooked. i find that sitting on the floor in front of my cabinet is easier than having to keep getting up from the chair and turning around. although, my legs didn't think that after about 40 minutes of sitting.

anyway, here's what i did! (the last one i actually did wednesday afternoon while waiting to hear about the house. had to keep busy somehow!!!!)

no more news on the house front. countrywide actually owns the home. we have our loan through someone else already approved (since february) and contrywide is trying to tell us that we have to be approved through them as well. I DON'T THINK SO!!!! anyway, so more drama in that department. hopefully monday we can get the ball rolling on their side (b/c they are sitting on their butts) and that way, i won't have to shell out $350 for an inspection that might not be necessary. still keeping fingers crossed.

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9 paper addicts say...:

ricanlaw said...

It's always something!!! Geezz...
Moving on, your layouts are awesome girl. Awesome.

Laurie said...

Those are great layouts! It's fun to meet another Texan.

Greta Adams said...

lovin all your layouts....

we have our loan through countrywide...it'll all work out...keep me posted


Dionne Molina said...

hi dear :)

sorry to hear about your house dramas :(

This is freaky - I have done a LO SO similar to your Bambi one. I can't share it though because it for a competition -- I'll show you when judging is complete.. we must be on the same wave length at the moment.. lol


SpAzzGiRL said...

good luck on the housefront...all around pain in the booty, eh?
Love all the pages, awesome work!

chelemom said...

Good luck! Love your LO's! They are awesome!

Jessi Gribbin said...

Love those pages! I recognize some of that from SC. Mine is sitting at Mom's because we couldn't be here for UPS to deliver.
Sorry to hear about the house drama. I have faith that it'll be ok tho. Madame Heap told me so. :)

elizabeth said...

awesome lo's.
love how you rocked the sassafrass :)

and good look. buying a new home is a pia...believe you me i know. so i'll keep my fingers crossed for you and send you stress free vibes.

Anonymous said...

Your layouts are awesome ! I got your blog from Elizabeths .... i also downloaded all the David Cook songs ! LOL .... one of them is the ringtone on my phone ..... good luck ! Have a great week :)
Jenn :)