we went to mike's parent's house on sunday. mike had to help shannen (his niece) with her math homework. she also needed help with chem, but i am certainly rusty in that department and i think that's why she didn't bother to ask me! soooo, michael sure had a ball pulling his little brother around in the wagon. it's nice to see the wagon finally put to use! i think this is maybe the second time michael has even used it since he got it for Christmas when he was 3!

anyway, they both had such a good time and it was so fun to watch the two of them enjoy each other. i hope that lasts! remember this, boys...once again, more evidence that, at one point in your lives, you really did like each other!!! i'm sure they'll have their phases, but when they get my age, they'll wish they could still do fun stuff like this together (and i hope that the two of you do).

that's all i have for today. contract is finally executed (it's a good thing b/c i was about to do a little 'executing' of my own...oh, the incompetence.) inspections are done and all is well. now we just have to wait for the title company and VA. ahhh, more incompetence.

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2 paper addicts say...:

Jessi Gribbin said...

What great memories! You will get some great pages out of those.
Yay for contracts being executed. You're almost there!

Thanks for the advice on the wedding. I think I'm going to jump in head first into the whole planning thing next week.

SpAzzGiRL said...

awesome news on the house!
we were total wagon family, we took that wagon everywhere!