a little spring...

some goodies i made (well have been making for a few days a little bit here and there then finally finished them up last night.)

have a good one!

oh, this is our latest home find (ignore the atrocious colors...we will do away with them quickly if we get this one)...hope the link works. it has a lot of potential:


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4 paper addicts say...:

SpAzzGiRL said...

storage building??? Huh?
You must not have a basement?

Love all the easter goodies, I didn't make one thing this year...eek!

scrapcat said...

wow! what a beautiful blog you have!
definitely adding you to my bloglines.

and thanks for visiting my blog today :)


Sharie said...

I made one of your wonderful boxes from your tutorial and posted it on my blog. Here's a link:
Thanks so much for inspiring and sharing your ideas.

ricanlaw said...

Love your projects.