a little scrappin' today

i had a little help with this one from Owen. he kept grabbing my paper and making everything all crooked. thanks, sweetie!

pic is of michael's second day of K. i helped him brush his teeth and, forgetting he had a super loose tooth, i brushed the tooth right out of his head! he didn't make a sound...just got a really sad and scared look on his face and it started bleeding all over. everything was fine, but as we were leaving to get in the car, he said, "but, mom! i can't go to school with missing teeth!

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1 paper addicts say...:

Close To Home said...

You beat me to my blog b4 I could get here LOL! Love your page here. WOW, everyone has been having some serious mojo lately it seems!!

BTW, isn't music wonderful. Thanks for your comment. I hope to continue this with Ella. It could be challenging some days! LOL!