holy hair-do batman!!!

i was digging around for my SS card (or my birth certificate) and i found neither. i didn't realize that you needed one to buy a house? like all those 8 million papers from the Army with my name and SSN plastered all over them aren't enough! but, that's ok. if i wasn't looking i wouldn't have found this gem of a photo:

this was me in high school. probably my senior year. what the heck was i thinking? (this is a picture of a picture, btw. didn't feel like scanning.)

soon to be featured in a lo. how about you? got any of these fine moments captured in a pic?

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3 paper addicts say...:

aimeeterry said...

beautiful! love the hair. I don't think I would be brave enough to post mine.

SpAzzGiRL said...

that is awesomely big hair!!

ricanlaw said...

Yes big hair, but you look beautiful nonetheless. What a find.