out of the loop...

online, that is. had the carpets cleaned today. sometime between 9am and 12pm they were scheduled. when do you think they came? hmmm. anyway, they look much better and i even have a surprise for mike when he gets home...a new computer table! i put it together after the carpets dried. i had to kill about 2 hours outside of the house...so i went to wal-mart! what else was i supposed to do?

the table is a cheap-o one, but we don't have any room for a really nice one (nor the funds) and we'd like to get something study-ish and fancy when we actually get a house. so this one will do just fine for now. way better than my old scrap table that i used to have in our 'spare' bathroom. yes, i used to scrapbook in my bathroom in our old dump...i mean house. :)

anyway, got a lot done today. but nothing that i wanted to get done. i told mich's music teacher that i would help with the play so she gave me a list of props they need. the play is called "The Color Factory" and mich will play the part of Grapes #1. how sweet. purple balloons, here we come!!! anyway, most of the props on my list are paint supplies, so i'm going to head over to my 'boyfriends' at sherwin williams. they are located right next to where i used to work at the scrapbook store and they knew us all well because we'd always be in there buying paint buckets to decorate. oh, the point of that was i did all that carpet/computer stuff and picked up that list. i guess that's really not a whole lot.

that's about all for now. must get dressed for dinner....OOOOHHH! how could i forget! i got a lovely little box in the mail today from this lovely lady...and in it were the most beee-you-teee-fullll earrings ever, made for me by her sweet little hands! Thank you so much, Anilu. they are going to make me feel very pretty tonight when i go out with mike for his birthday. post signature

1 paper addicts say...:

Greta said...

oh girl!! anilu has some gorgeous stuff...i kid her and tell her i had an anilu xmas this year!!!

at least when you scrapped in the crapper you didn't have to go far to use the bathroom...now that is what i am talking about making use of all your time!!! lol