i had no idea. i have not been to an Ikea since i lived in ellicott city, md., like back in '96. i did not know they sold fabric! good thing for my wallet, the nearest ikea is in frisco and (veerrryyyy good thing) they do not sell fabric online. at least, i don't think they do. please do not tell me otherwise!!!

but, i did OK at the hobs-lobs. they had 50% off. that's unusual b/c it was not in the weekly circular. i think the lady at the cutting counter screwed up. but i didn't say anything!!! i'm funny that way about paper and, most recently, fabric. anyway, here's what i picked up for just $3 a yard!!!

don't know what i'll do with it, but i likey very muchy...
off to soccer practice. i know friday soccer practice. whatever.

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ellen said...

OH MY IS THAT GORGEOUS! i am sooo glad {my wallet is glad} that ikea is so far away from me these days!