long post here (busy week!)

today was a good day. i worked (at my away from the computer job) for the first time this week and got quite a bit done. made my boss happy...so that made me feel good. and....

we can officially buy a home! they actually gave us money!!! wooohoooo!!! we haven't heard back from our offer yet, and probably won't for until monday (i hope we hear back monday...it's killing me!) but we can shop around now for certain. and if the little spanish-style house isn't the one, we'll most likely find another one. that one is just perfect for us though, so i hope that her counter-offer (which she'll most likely come back with) is something we can swing.

anyway, based on the magic boxes, i made some easter baskets:

i don't have anything to put in them yet. i had all these other ideas in my head, like a bunny, egg lollipop...but they didn't look the same once my hands got to work. that happens quite often with me. whatever. i made another one with MM Garden Party papers but don't feel like getting a pic of it. i'm on mike's work laptop and it's a real pita. he's on our puter doing this: and finally....

my little grape!
the play was absolutely perfect and i will try to get try to get the video up this weekend. his line was, "Here we are; purple as can be!" and he did such a great job. they had arm motions during the chorus parts but he couldn't do them because of the costume. that was pretty funny b/c he kept trying to then he'd remember he couldn't. they all did such a great job. it was just so darn sweet. i cried of course. like a bum.

and, i think it was sunday night, but mich wanted to sleep with his little bubba in the crib. and owen really wanted michael in there with him b/c he kept crying while michael was out getting ready for bed and as soon as he came back in, owen stopped and they both went to sleep with a scooby-doo dvd playing. remember boys, 5 years from now when all you're doing is arguing:
there was a time when you really did like each other!

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3 paper addicts say...:

TanishaRenee said...

Cyuuuute easter basket! Your little grape is adorable and that pic of him in the crib with his little brother has stolen my heart!!

aimeeterry said...

We can have lunch this week and you can come over and help me make the basket. It looks great! (Another great teacher gift)

shmoggy said...

Did you make that grape? That's awesome!