mike is leaving me...

tonight...for football, sade, and shiner bock (he was listening to sade on the ipod and watching football--how weird). owen is being owen-ish, and mich is going to grandma's house. so...i'm online and making some new embellies for etsy, scrapbooking and looking at this fab pic my sis sent me of my dad's guitar.

it is a 1958 Gibson LG-0 Flattop which my brother-in-law, jim, so thoughtfully refurbished all by himself! wonderful job. i can remember when laura would play the piano and dad would play the guitar on whatever weekend maybe a few times every few months back home in ny. we'd all sit in the upstairs living room, away from the tv and listen. uncle ray was there, nana, my mom, dad, sisters, and brother. dude would probably be practicing his golf swing, nana would be tapping her fingers on the sofa, i'd complain about being bored and we'd all just sit around and listen to the two of them sing and play james taylor or carly simon songs or something. thanks for bringing back those memories, laura and jim. thank you :)

and here's my dad playing this very guitar back in the day. my mom bought it for him for his 20th birthday (1959).

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