it even looks cold out. this was this morning. so dark and gloomy. the sun has since come out but it's still pretty dern chilly.
and i just don't get it. it's cold. like high teens/low 20's with the wind chill...and people just don't wear coats around here! what is up with that? i mean, that's cold even for NY...do they think just because they're in TX that it's not really cold? or do people just not own coats?

whatever. i have been commissioned to do another website for my sis. her swim and racquet club. should be fun. i already have an idea in mind b/c the clubhouse is such a pretty blue. got a little start on it today, but owen is awfully busy, so that makes me busy too. right now he is trying to eat the computer table. i swear this child will eat anything!

also trying to figure out about this printer of mine. can't get it to stop making huge margins while using corel and i've tried every setting on the program and in the printer settings. i think i need to learn how to do a 'bleed' in corel. i want it to print a certain way on the paper so that i can run it through the dreamkuts and have perfect little index card sized pieces. i tried cutting first and then running it through, but it won't accept my cardstock size. p.i.t.a.!!!

that's about all for now. cut some felt last night and wanted to get some of those little goodies going for etsy but i cannot believe that it is 3pm already.
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1 paper addicts say...:

SpAzzGiRL said...

it's f-f-freezing here too.
Yesterday I saw a kid out in front of the school in just a Tshirt...it was 20 degrees! wtf...no one thought that was wrong?
Your printer doesn't like cardstock? That totally sucks.